My Top 5 Favorite Veganized Food

We all know people who say I’d be vegan if it wasn’t for (insert “delicious” food). Well it may be hard to fully get people to change their life styles especially when it comes to food, these foods are sure to please. These are my top 5 favorite veganized foods that I’ve gathered through my vegan journey thus far.

Everyone is all about taco Tuesdays and vegans don’t need to feel left out because our tacos are the bomb. I personally have three types of tacos that I love to switch between to keep things a little more interesting (I pretty much make tacos weekly or multiple times a week if I feel the want.)
-The first kind is made with soy crumbles. This is the best way to get any non-vegan excited about your homemade tacos. Yves makes my absolute favorite soy crumbles! But any soy crumbles or TVP will work as well (with the TVP you may want to add a broth cube to add more flavor). You can also use soyrizo, but you would omit any extra seasonings.
-The second kind are vegetable tacos. Depending on how many servings you want will tell you how many vegetables to use. I typically use 2 portabella mushroom caps (sliced), one large green pepper and one medium red onion (this feeds two people with some leftovers)
-The third kind of tacos are the most basic.I use one can of drained and rinsed black beans.

With each kind I use basically the same toppings, you can use whatever you like best. The ones I choose are:
-Mashed avocado/Guacamole.
-Cilantro, Cumin and Lime brown rice.
-Shredded lettuce.
-Medium salsa.
(My favorite taco seasoning is here but I omit the salt.)

2. Cookies:
I personally am not huge into sweets but my boyfriend and friends most definitely are so I decided to seek out one cookie recipe that would please the masses. There were several that didn’t go over so well and a few honorable mentions but only one withstood the test of dozens of people.
3.Pumpkin Chocolate Chip. These were liked overall but I couldn’t fool people into thinking they were anything but vegan.
2.Chocolate Chip. Until I found the next cookie these were my go to cookie. Everyone loved them!
1.Cowboy Cookie. This is the holy grail of all the cookies I have tried to make. These are always the first gone at any event I go to. I recommend trying them asap 🙂

These were perhaps the most missed food from going out to eat for me, until I found this recipe. These are better than any form of enchilada I had in the past and they are made from pretty much every kitchen staple that I buy biweekly so that’s a plus as well! If you’re looking for a new dish to try this week let it be this one.
Vegan Sweet Potato Enchilada

4.Tofu Scramble
Before becoming a vegan I must admit I was a huge fan of scrambled eggs, it was a common breakfast or even dinner for me. So once I became vegan I had to fill that slot. I use this basic tofu scramble recipe and season it to my own taste! Which typically means garlicy and spicy. Add some roasted red skin potatoes as a side and serve in a wrap with salsa and avocado or with some toast, either way its delicious!

5.Veggie Burgers:
These are becoming more and more popular as more restaurants are beginning to carry vegan and vegetarian versions. There are so many varieties out there in the stores and in online recipes. There is one online recipe that has become a regular in my kitchen, Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers. I don’t personally follow the flavoring that is listed in the recipe anymore (but it is still fantastic but I love to experiment with different flavors) and I plan to later make a blog explaining my version. No matter what this is a fantastic choice! They freeze well too:) It may not be anything like a real burger but that’s okay with me.

So whether you’re looking to go vegan or just looking for some new plant based food ideas these are some great places to start. Have fun cooking! 🙂


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